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His Frankenstein monster

Tahir looked so deep asleep that I had to walk in stealthily to avoid disturbing him. But the moment I slid into my side of the bed, he moved.

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The ultimate ban

‘I came straight from the hospital’ I said to my friend Mariya, the moment I walked into her sitting room. ‘I had no idea your husband was so sick. No wonder Tahir kept talking about going to visit him the whole week. He must have heard that Iliya is in real bad shape. I’m very sorry Mariya, this must be very hard on you.’ I observed.

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Because love conquers all

‘Assalamu alaikum, and how is the latest bride in town doing?’ I asked hugging my friend Zuwaira, as soon as she opened the door for me.

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Re: Al-Bint’s diary is 15

Last week’s announcement that this column was 15 years old on November 20th, elicited a lot of goodwill from readers. Some came complete with the suggestions I requested. And there are reactions to past editions of the column as well. The regular diary will return next week, inshaAllah. Have a great weekend.

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Our very own Camilla II

‘I looked at Aisha in shock not knowing whether to believe her or accuse her of lying. But the moment I looked at her husband’s guilt-stricken face, I knew she had to be telling the truth. I put my face in my palms and could only say ‘Inna lillahi wa inna ilaiahi raji’un.’

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